The Marketing Heroes™ Program fills the strategic, critical thinking gaps in many marketers’ training. It teaches the soft skills needed to move work forward, inspire outstanding creative, communicate effectively, and turn feedback into actionable steps.

We need more Marketing Heroes. They are an essential, overlooked ingredient in the marketing craft. Marketing Heroes save their companies and clients time and money.

They make everyone around them look like superstars. 

“What we do isn’t hard. Few do it well.” 

Roger Lewis, Retired CEO, Hoffman/Lewis Advertising

The Marketing Heroes Certificate Program

4 on-line in-person classes

Communication • Presentations • Creative Briefs • Vendor Relations

The Essentials:

  • Each class is two 90-minute online sessions.  
  • Class size is limited for maximum feedback and interaction.
  • All classes start at 9 a.m. PST
  • Classes may be taken individually in any order or as a series.
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  • Complete all 4 classes within 12 months and you’ll become a certified Marketing Hero
  • Each class is $499. Save 20% when you choose the entire 4-class Certificate program.

The Certificate Classes

Class #1:

Communicating for Clarity and Action

You want your audience to act whether the form is email, phone, or in person.  Effective communication is not an accident. It focus on an objective and speaks directly to a targeted audience. This class teaches the critical thinking behind effective communication.

Course Content Overview

  • The 3-30-3 rule of engagement
  • Five W’s of communication
    • Who are you talking to?
    • What action do you want them to take?
    • Why do they care?
    • What do they need to know?
    • How can they move forward?
  • Curating Information for Impact
  • Turning features into benefits
  • The Power of Consistency – resisting boredom and individuality

Q1 & Q2 Dates

Jan 20/22

March 17/19

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Class #2

Getting to Yes: Presentations that Compel

Convincing someone to do something they don’t know they want to do takes finesse and strategy. Learn preparation, building an argument, how to make it easy to say yes and maximizing your format for the life of the presentation. This is less a presentation skills workshop and more of a critical thinking exercise to build a powerful presentation. These universal steps are relevant whether you have an audience of 1 or 1,000.

Course Content Overview

  • Start at the End – Goals and Audiences
  • Building Your Argument
  • Life of a Presentation
  • Make it Easy to Say Yes
  • When to walk away

Q1 & Q2 Dates

March 8/10

May 10/12

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Class #3

Turning Creative Briefs into Roadmaps

The creative brief is the backbone of every successful campaign. Still, many teams skip this step because it’s more fun to jump to tactics. But could you imagine building a house without an architectural plan? Getting a creative brief together is not as difficult as many people believe. There are methods, and people can learn them.

Course Content Overview

  • Creative Brief vs Input Document
  • The power of the Creative Brief
  • The Core Questions
  • The One Thing You Want Them to Know
  • Effectively Briefing Creative Partners
  • Using The Brief as an Evaluation Tool
  • Using The Brief to Guide Feedback

Q1 & Q2 Dates

Jan 28/ Feb 4

March 25/April 1

June 24/July 1

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Class #4

Creative-Speak as a second language: Vendor & Partner Relations

Creatives, product marketing and marcom speak different languages. Without an interpreter, instructions are mis-heard, strategies are skipped, and work gets delayed in an endless loop.  Learn to meet the needs of all stakeholders by giving and extracting the information each group needs to do their best work. Your campaigns will thank you for it.

Course Content Overview

  • Choosing the Right Partner/vendor for the job
  • Negotiating the Contract
  • What They Need/What You Need
  • The Briefing Process
  • Evaluating Work
  • Gathering Feedback
  • Turning Feedback into Action
  • Changing Vendors

Q1 & Q2 Dates

Jan 26/27

Apr 27/28

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Remember, thinking is not scary.

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Deb Doyle

Marketing Heroes Instructor

Deb Doyle, President Stage2 Marketing, has extensive experience as an agency account director, a corporate marketing director, and an adult educator. She’s been at ad agencies of all shapes and sizes: boutique, independent, and multinational, producing work that has won 15 creative awards including a Silver D&AD. Her agency clients have included national restaurant chains, a leading wireless company, technology infrastructure, and health providers. Corporate experience has taken her from global medical devices to airport concessions to nonprofits. Deb helped introduce the first camera phone into the US, increased revenue for a global medical device company by $20MM, and led sales and profits for national restaurant chains for 15 years.