The Marketing Heroes™ Program fills the strategic, critical thinking gaps in many marketers’ training. It teaches the soft skills needed to move work forward, inspire outstanding creative, communicate effectively, and turn feedback into actionable steps.

We need more Marketing Heroes. They are an essential, overlooked ingredient in the marketing craft. Marketing Heroes save their companies and clients time and money.

They make everyone around them look like superstars. 

“What we do isn’t hard. Few do it well.” 

Roger Lewis, Retired CEO, Hoffman/Lewis Advertising

Marketing Heroes Workshops

The Essentials:

  • Each workshop in delivered once a week in 90 minute sessions over 6 weeks using Zoom OR 2 in-person days   
  • Class size is limited for maximum feedback and interaction
  • On-Line class schedule is 10 a.m.- 11:30 a.m. PST for 6 weeks
  • Custom or Dedicated Workshops work better for multiple team members.? Email us at [email protected] to schedule
  • Each class is $995/person. Contact us for group discounts

Marketing 101:

The Foundation

Every successful marketing campaign anchors itself with a strategic foundation.

Here’s a secret: the foundational pillars are the same whether you are in B2B, B2C, or Nonprofit marketing. That's because the constant in every campaign is a human, and his/her/their motivations are universal.

Many B2B marketers realize they never learned that foundation. Their peers assume they know it; their gut tells them otherwise. Too many marketers spend anxious hours trying to uncover the foundation out before getting found out.

This workshop removes that fear and turns you into a strategic powerhouse.  The curriculum includes:

Week 1: The Foundational Equation

Week 2: Insights & Branding

Week 3: Target Customers and Persuasion

Week 4: Positioning, Value Propositions, and Benefits

Week 5: Media: Earned & Paid

Week 6: Tying It All Together.

Q3 & Q4 Dates

Thursday  Aug 12 - Sept 16

Thursday Oct 28 - Dec 9 (skipping Thanksgiving)

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Marketing 201:

Nurturing Outstanding Creative

Are your campaigns stuck in endless feedback loops leaving everyone dissatisfied? Are overages a regular part of your creative relationships? .Are you tired of being compared to “the other guys?”

There is an alternative.

Developing, nurturing, and shepherding the creation of effective marketing campaigns is an oft-skipped marketing skill. It separates outstanding account partners from mere order takers. More vital, marketers with this skill save their companies time and money while elevating the quality of the campaign.  

In short, it transforms them into Marketing Heroes.

Over six weeks, you'll learn the skills that will accelerate the quality of your marketing in this highly interactive workshop. You learn:

Week 1: Creative as a Second Language, aka Working with Creative Partners

Week 2: The Impact of Creative Briefs

Week 3: Drafting Creative Briefs

Week 4: Briefing Creative and Media Teams

Week 5: Evaluating Work and Giving Feedback

Week 6: Using the Brief to Shepherd Work

Your creative partners will thank you.

Q3 & Q4 2021 Dates

Tuesday, Aug 17 - Sept 21

Tuesday, Nov 9 - Dec 14

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Remember, thinking is not scary.

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Deb Doyle

Marketing Heroes Instructor

With extensive experience as an agency account director, a corporate marketing director, and an adult educator, Deb is uniquely positioned to bridge the communication divide between agencies and clients. She’s been at ad agencies of all shapes and sizes: boutique, independent, and multinational, producing work that has won 15 creative awards including a Silver D&AD. Her clients have included national restaurant chains, a leading wireless company, technology infrastructure, and health providers. Corporate experience has taken her from global medical devices to airport concessions to nonprofits. She’s been an instructor at SFSU and UC Berkeley International Diploma Program since 2012. Deb helped introduce the first camera phone into the US, increased revenue for a global medical device company by $20MM, and led sales and profits for national restaurant chains for 15 years.