The Marketing Heroes™ Program fills the strategic, critical thinking gaps in many marketers’ training. It teaches the soft skills needed to move work forward, inspire outstanding creative, communicate effectively, and turn feedback into actionable steps.

We need more Marketing Heroes. They are an essential, overlooked ingredient in the marketing craft. Marketing Heroes save their companies and clients time and money.

They make everyone around them look like superstars. 

Successful RFP Development

An RFP remains a central component of many competitive bidding processes. It helps hiring companies level the playing fields when comparing diverse vendors. It’s also your time to shine – to present yourself above the crowd using the client’s established box. Become the quarterback who makes your firm shine using a solid strategy, organization, division of labor and flair.

With a 70% close rate, I'm ready to share my experiences to make it less stressful for everyone involved.


The Essentials:

  • Two 90-minute online sessions
  • Classes begin at 9 a.m. PST 
  • Class size is limited for maximum feedback and interaction
  • Would Custom or Dedicated Workshops work better for your team? Email me at [email protected]

Course Content 

Day One: The Initial Pitch

  • Establishing Goals
  • Gathering Intel
  • Assembling the Troops
  • Crafting the Story
  • Production Considerations


Day Two: The In Person Meeting 

  • Crafting Your Story
  • Razzle Dazzle
  • Technology
  • Practice
  • Q&A Prep
  • Ask for the Sale


Q1 & Q2 Dates

Feb 10/11     April 14/15     June 9/10

Start: 9 a.m. PST

Cost: $499

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Custom or Dedicated Programs for your Team?

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Deb Doyle

Marketing Heroes Instructor

Deb Doyle, President Stage2 Marketing, has extensive experience as an agency account director, a corporate marketing director, and an adult educator. She’s been at ad agencies of all shapes and sizes: boutique, independent, and multinational, producing work that has won 15 creative awards including a Silver D&AD. Her agency clients have included national restaurant chains, a leading wireless company, technology infrastructure, and health providers. Corporate experience has taken her from global medical devices to airport concessions to nonprofits. Deb helped introduce the first camera phone into the US, increased revenue for a global medical device company by $20MM, and led sales and profits for national restaurant chains for 15 years.